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OptiScan: A 3D Printing Co-Pilot for Part Manufacturers


3D Printing Co-Pilot for Part Manufacturers​


An AI-Driven SaaS Solution for 3D Print Optimization That Provides manufacturers with Actionable

Insights, Ensuring Defect-Free Production, Improved Efficiency, and Reduced Waste



How It Works

OptiScan leverages AI models pre-trained on extensive historical and real-time data. It collects real-time data from various 3D printers, analyzes it to optimize printing parameters, and ensures uniform heat distribution. This process helps maintain consistent quality and reliability in printed parts. ​​


OptiScan's Features

AI-Powered Analysis


Utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze data and optimize 3D printing parameters

Real-Time Data Collection


Continuously gathers data from 3D printers to provide up-to-date insights and adjustments

SMART Laser Path Creation


Ensures even heat distribution during printing, reducing defects and improving part quality

Extensive Material Databases


Supports a wide range of materials and geometries, enhancing flexibility and application

Community Engagement


Users share data to enrich AI models, leading to more accurate predictions and optimizations

Actionable Insights


Provides clear recommendations to improve print quality and efficiency

OptiScan's Benefits for Customers

Defect-Free Manufacturing


Achieve up to a 75% reduction in part deformation and a 25% lower failure rate, ensuring high-quality, reliable parts for mission-critical applications

Increased Efficiency


Enhance productivity by up to 45%, reducing the need for reprints and extensive post-processing

Cost Savings


Cut overall production costs by up to 30% through optimized material usage and reduced waste

Energy Efficiency


Improve energy efficiency by up to 50%, contributing to more sustainable manufacturing processes

Faster Time-to-Market


Accelerate production times by up to 40%, allowing manufacturers to meet market demands more quickly

Comprehensive Support


Benefit from our growing community of users sharing data and insights, continuously improving AI accuracy and predictive capabilities

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