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OptiScan, a flagship technology from OptiFab, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing 3D printing processes. This platform primarily focuses on optimizing scan patterns, a critical aspect in additive manufacturing that significantly influences the quality and properties of the final printed parts.


Through the use of intelligent algorithms, OptiScan meticulously controls the path of the beam trajectory, enabling unparalleled precision at the micro-scale. This approach not only enhances the mechanical strength and durability of the components but also allows for customizing material properties to suit specific application needs.

Especially beneficial in industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, OptiScan offers a unique solution for producing complex, high-performance parts with improved efficiency and reduced material waste. This technology represents a significant leap in additive manufacturing, promising to deliver innovation and excellence in a wide range of industrial applications.


OptiScan's Key Features



High Part Quality, Zero Defect – Elevate Production Reliability



Mastering Heat Transfer and Residual Stress for Avoiding Cracks and Post Processing



Speed Up Production by Shortening Time-Consuming Steps of 3D Printing



Site-Specific Property Tailoring in Complex Geometries

Stripe and Chessboard Scan Patterns in the L-PBF Technology


The in-situ Optical Tomography (OT) images validate the non-uniformity issues that are prevalent in the commonly-used scan patterns in LPBF. The SMART scan patterns implemented by OptiScan maximize production speed while minimizing the requirement for time-consuming and costly post-processing steps (such as heat treatment) due to strong uniformity achieved throughout the entire layer.

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@ 2024 OptiFab Technologies

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