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  • April 22, 2023,  3 min read

OptiFab's Journey: From Vision to Innovation

The journey of OptiFab began in the halls of the University of Waterloo, where Dr. Esmaeil Sadeghi and Dr. Paria Karimi, both professors deeply passionate about advanced manufacturing, conducted extensive research into 3D printing technologies. Their work with industry partners in the aerospace and automotive sectors revealed a significant challenge: while 3D printing promised lighter, stronger, and more sustainable parts, the process was fraught with inefficiencies and quality issues. This revelation sparked a shared vision.

Driven by a commitment to solve these problems, Esmaeil and Paria teamed up, leveraging their combined expertise in AI, machine learning, and manufacturing technologies. They envisioned a solution that would not only address the quality issues in 3D printing but also transform the way critical components are manufactured.

Their inspiration came from the realization that improving 3D printing could have a profound impact on safety, sustainability, and efficiency in various industries. They believed that by optimizing the printing process, they could help manufacturers produce defect-free parts, reduce waste, and lower energy consumption, ultimately making a difference in the world.

Together, they founded OptiFab, bringing on board a dedicated team of engineers, data scientists, and industry experts who shared their vision. The team worked tirelessly, developing AI models, collecting and analyzing data, and refining their solution to meet the highest standards of reliability and precision.

The journey has been challenging, but the team's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has driven them forward. Today, OptiFab's AI/SaaS solution, OptiScan, stands as a testament to their hard work and dedication, offering manufacturers the tools they need to ensure the highest quality in 3D printing.

The inspiration behind OptiFab is simple yet powerful: to make 3D printing reliable and sustainable for mission-critical applications, ensuring that every part manufactured contributes to a safer and more efficient world. This vision continues to drive the team, fueling their passion to push the boundaries of what's possible in advanced manufacturing.

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