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Boosting Manufacturing Profits & Precision with AI

Empowering Manufacturers with an AI-Driven Optimization Tool that Provides Unique Actionable Insights for Enhanced Quality & Reliable, First-Time-Right Production

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, like 3D Printing, Enable Manufacturers Build Parts Quicker & On-Demand,




What if 3D Printed Parts Fail in Mission-Critical Applications?

Printer Parts
Rocket Launch

Low 3D Print Part Quality Can Have Tragic Consequences!


It is not just about the cost or amount of rework. This can damage manufacturers' reputations and confidence, and have a significant environmental impact! 

& above all

Risk Human Lives!

OptiScan Ensures Your 3D Printing Success by Delivering Defect-Free Manufacturing, Enhanced Efficiency, & Superior Quality Control!

Partner with OptiFab to Shape the Future of SMART 3D Printing 



High Part Quality, Zero Defect – Elevate Production Reliability



Mastering Heat Transfer and Residual Stress for Avoiding Deformation



Speed Up Production by Shortening Time-Consuming Steps of 3D Printing



Site-Specific Property Tailoring in Complex Geometries

OptiScan Raises the Bar for Your 3D Printing Success

up to 45%

Productivity Enhancement


Increase in Print Success 

up to 55%

Reduction in CO2 emission

How OptiScan Works

Analyze, Optimize, Control


OptiScan uses advanced AI models pre-trained on historical and real-time data to optimize manufacturing processes. By analyzing key parameters, OptiScan provides actionable insights that guide machine controllers on movement, speed, and paths to follow. This ensures uniform heat distribution, reduces energy waste, and enhances the overall quality of produced parts. 

We need to stop competing within our echo chamber. We should be focusing on supply chain and delivering repeatable and reliable solutions. We must focus on maturing the technology.

Gregory Hayes, Senior Vice President, Applied Technology, EOS Group, EOS North America 


At the seventh AM Strategies 2024 Conference, organized by Additive Manufacturing Research and

Partners and Customers

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CANADIAN Innovation, GLOBAL Solutions

CANADIAN Innovation, GLOBAL Solutions

OptiFab Technologies is proud to empower local manufacturers for global impact.

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OptiFab Technologies

            295 Hagey Blvd, Waterloo, ON N2L 6R5

CANADIAN Innovation, GLOBAL Solutions
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